Celtic Weave Blanket

It’s 2020 congratulations! For the new year, you need new items to make your home interior fresh. Look at this stitch and these colours. The blanket looks fantastic in these colours but of course, you can change them and how many suppliers do you need you can find in the tutorial where you can also learn how to crochet. Celtic weave stitch is really awesome and with this stitch, you can also crochet many useful and pretty things, so this is also a great lesson for crocheters. Find some free time and enjoy your lovely hands’ craft.

3 Replies to “Celtic Weave Blanket”

  1. Geralyn MacLean says: Reply

    Love this pattern!

  2. Deborah Leander says: Reply

    I Love this pattern and am so grateful that you have shared your wonderful work. Would you be willing to share a printed version of this pattern?

  3. Kate Misencik says: Reply

    Love this !! How do I get a written pattern

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