Crochet Blue Star Afghan

For this beautiful afghan you will need Size G-6 crochet hook and different color yarns, about the yarn you can find information in the pattern. We have found for your free pattern and of course, everything is explained clearly and step by step. If you like this Blue Star Afghan you can start crocheting now […]

Crochet Little Sailboat

If you want to crochet something cute and easy which will make you and your kids happy we have for you Sailboats. Look at these pretty little Sailboats. It’s a very creative and beautiful thing to crochet and make your time more enjoyable and also decorate your home. We have of course free pattern for […]

Crochet Wicky Wave Blanket

We have a free pattern for you to crochet the Wicky Wave Blanket in these beautiful rainbow Colours. Just look at these awesome pictures. Yes, It’s yarn eater, but imagine how beautiful and awesome it will be your bedroom or living room with this attractive Wicky Wave Blanket. Thanks to the author for clearly explained […]

Crochet Irish Flower

In video tutorial as usual everything is explained clearly, so if you have some free time you can make pretty decorations and prepare your and your children’s clothing more attractive. We hope you will like the flower’s design we have searched for you and will enjoy. Here we have Flower tutorial again from the author […]

Crochet Big Bow

If you want to decorate your clothing or accessories with a beautiful big bow we have a free tutorial for you in which everything is explained step by step. We think that you can crochet this bow easily if you have some experience in crochet, necessary supplies and some free time. You can choose your […]